The company that was founded in 1893 by Carl Meyne has dealt now in the fifth generation in the piano industry and has turned to the wholesale of parts and tools for pianos and grand pianos.

Since 1955 we have produced components and tools for pianos. Since 1975 the entire range has been distributed under the name of Meyne.

Since there the specialisation in the requirements of piano technicians and the piano trade including our own production of special parts and tools has served as the basis of our company.
The enterprise is continued since the death of Mr Helmut Meyne 2007 of his daughters Stefanie Meyne (piano builder) and Bettina Manegold (merchant).

The range of our business in Braunschweig currently includes tools for the production and service in the piano industry, tuning pins, castors and transport equipment, lamps, benches, candlesticks and accessories and components of any kind.